Paintings, photographs and works of art are great to decorate our walls but can also be a little expensive. Do you wish to have a beautiful and unique art wall without spending much? Then become the artist!

These projects below are here to prove that you can become an artist, even without having been born gifted like Michelangelo. 😉 Get inspired and get to work:

1. Rugs on the wall

We love rugs on the floor, but on the wall they look just as great!


2. Hung trays

Trays are super useful and cute. If you have colorful and cute ones they will look great on your walls.


3. Geometric photo mural

With as little as a couple of nails and some string you can create a geometric shape and setting up the pictures.


4. Maps

Frame maps of places you have visited or would love to go.

5. Washi Tape

This tapes are great to create different drawings and patterns on the walls. The best part is, they can be removed without damaging the paint.


6. Nails and string

Using the same process of the geometric photo mural you can write inspirational words. How cute is this!


7. Words on the wall

This cute art wall was made using different techniques including  Thumbtacks on Cork, Paint on Canvas, Nail String Art on Wood, Cross-Stitch and Iron-On Transfers on Fabric.


8.  Letters

Sometimes you don’t need an entire word, just one letter will do! This letter says a lot, specially when it is all shiny. Très chic!



9. Corks

If you need an excuse to drink some more wine, here it is!


10. Full Moon

Some gold paint and a good hand can bring the Moon to your house! To the least artistic, you can have the image printed on a sticker.



11. Unframed

Another creative way to have your posters, drawings or paintings exposed. The hangers are super cute!


12. Framed posters

You can choose a theme or mix and match.


13. Geometric Tiles Stickes

We made these beautiful patterns so that you can download it for free and be happy! Click here to download.


14. Instagram Gallery

Hang your beautiful clicks on the wall!


15. Power Cord Art

Do you get annoyed by those long cords that always end up tangled and a mess? Not anymore.


16. Pictures on a string

To get this cute looking effect, use a bright string on a dark wall. To add details you can paint or draw on the pins.


17. Holy Spirit 

Using Scrapbook paper you  can create romantic art to your wall. Click here to check out the tutorial.


18. Books, books, books

This is a very creative way to use the old books you have laying around the house. Add enough of them and you can make a headboard!


19. Cut and Paste

Quick and easy project to decorate the kids room or nursery. All you have to do is paint a canvas and then glue an image you like on top of it. The link for this tutorial is on the bottom of this post.


20. Geometric Hearts

Geometric decoration is hot right now and we love it.


21. Dipped Spoons

What an cute way to use the materials you have at home to decorate. Love the colors!


22. Post It

This one couldn’t be easier! You can also ask your friends to leave you messages.


23. Hung on the ceiling

A nylon string is the secret here. So that the pics don’t get curvy, glue them to a thick paper.



24. Paint Chip Art

Do you know those paint chips you can get for free at some stores? Go get them!


25. Paper Patchwork 

Mix and match different papers and voilà.


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