Do you keep loosing your keys or can never find a good way to storage your letters and bills? This daily itens need be very well organized at all times to make our lives easier. We have gathered here some great ideas to help you keep everything on its place and look good at the same time.

1. Mesh Wall Organizer

You can get a mesh like this on a hardware store for a couple of bucks, hang your stuff up and you’re done. It’s very discreet and it doesn’t take a lot of space. Found here.

white wall office grid wall organizer

2. Pocket Clipboard

Decorate clipboards with pretty scrapbook papers, add a pocket and you’ll have lots of compartments for organizing your papers and documents. If one is not enough, get a bunch! Found here.


3. Wood Pegboard

This can be so useful for organizing your stuff, and it’s also very cute. Check out how it was done here.


4. Clipboard

If you don’t feel like making improvements to your clipboard, don’t worry, it can also be very useful for organizing your things. This cute calendar is a great idea, and you can move it around or take it with you. Found here.


5. White board calendar

Don’t ever miss an appointment or event again. There’s nothing like constant reminder…

Found here.


6. Pegboard

You probably know this one already, but we couldn’t leave it out. It’s very useful, you can move things around when needed and it’s budget friendly. Found here.


7. Envelopes

Did you ever think envelopes could look so cute? It’s a great way to keep your bills, receipts and other important papers organized. Found here.

diy paper envelope wall organizer

8. White Organizer

A great organizer for arts and crafts supplies. How do you like the washi tape holder? Found here.

all white leaning wall organizer