We see so many pictures of perfectly beautiful homes everywhere, but when we try to decorate our own it is never as good. Of course, we get our inspirations from rooms that have been very carefully treated by professionals so they will look perfect. We don’t have to like on a magazine perfect house, but we sure can make our home look beautiful our own way, right?

Here we’ll teach you an easy trick that will help you decorate your side tables around the house, for an even more beautiful home!


Here’s an easy formula used by the pros when it comes to side tables:

  1.  The art ( poster, canvas, picture, etc) should be behind in the back
  2. Place your lamp on one side
  3. On the other side are the books or magazines
  4. On top of the books you can add flowers, a vase or any other ornament you like.


Ok, that’s the main order of things, now you get to play a little:

  1. No lamp



         2. No art or flowers


Mix and match the itens you have and get to the combination you like the most. We have selected here a couple of imagens for your inspiration. You can see there are different styles and objects, but the order is always the same. It is not magic or a rule, but we can’r argue that it works!

  If you like to keep it clean:


the finish blog

   If you rather use is all together:


The same rule applies to bedside tables:



Which way to you like it best? If you liked our tips or would love to get an opinion, post your picture and use the #vilabacana