Watermelon is very hot right now! Both on party decor and on interior design. It’s happy happy colours are very fun to play with, so check out the various ways to add them to you home:

If you are looking for a small detail, you can have a watermelon cushion, pots or on small frames:



This welcome mat looks so charming on your front door! And check out, the door is also green!


And why not add some pattern to you room decor? This colourful bed cover brings happiness to the room, and you can always change it when you get tired!


A very cute wall clock! Can anyone out there paint?


It is also a great idea to decorate your table:

Melancia na mesa

Watermelon drinks? Yes, please!


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Here are some links  for free watermelon downloads:

Printable 1 – from Twin Dragonfly Designs


Printable 2 -from Design Love Fest


I also found this very cute collection, want them all!!

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