Crossing the Thames Rives is already very exciting, now imagine doing it while walking on a suspended garden. This will be possible by 2018, when the construction of the Garden Bridge will be done.

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The English capital is already the greenest capital in Europe, having 40% of it’s area covered by public green areas. This great garden will be for pedestrians only and will serve as a park for the Londoners, who will be able to walk through the city far away from traffic, noise and pollution.


The project has raised controversial opinions mostly because it’s very high estimated cost, around 175 million pounds. But, we are sure once it is built it will become a landmark to the city. If you needed one more reason to visit this gorgeous capital, here you go!


Images: Gardenbridge 

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  1. Will

    It isn’t green. It’s terrible for the environment. It’s basically thousands of tonnes of concrete poured into the Thames.

    The Green Party, RSPB, London Wildlife, beekeeper and more have all spoken out against the project.

    It’s private, not public.

    It blocks world famous historic panoramic views off Waterloo Bridge.

    It has little public support.

    It offers no transport benefit whatsoever.

    It was illegally procured and had totally avoided and normal transparent democratic process.

    It will see the removal of public park and thirty mature trees for a corporate entertainment space and queue for 2,500 people.

    1. Marília Bettin

      Hi Will! Thank you for the all information. We do realize it is a controversial project. We only used the information given by the media stating that it will increase the green area of the city, therefore the use of the word ‘green’. All of your points are valid and we encourage the discussion should go on. Thank you! 🙂

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