One of the funniest places we have ever been was this giant ball pit. Named ‘The Beach’, this attraction gathered daily not only children but adults  to the National Building Museum in Washington, DC.

The atrium of this beautiful museum was used  by the designers from Snarkitecture to recreate a beach using over 700 thousand white plastic balls. The best part of it, the balls were made from recycled content.

The effect is beautiful and the fun is guaranteed! Besides the pit, or ocean, the beach also had white beach chairs, umbrellas, floats and a snack bar, to ensure hours and hours of fun for the entire family.

The-Beach07the-beach-the-national-building-museum-snarkitecture-designboom-08 the-beach-the-national-building-museum-snarkitecture-designboom-07

Depois de uma meia hora pulando pra cá e pra lá você começa a lembrar que não é mais criança e bate o cansaço. Uma mãe até confessou para mim ” Isso é quase igual a fazer academia”.



The-Beach04 The-Beach05 The-Beach06  The-Beach10

Can you imagine all the things that got lost in there? Watch out so you don’t loose your kids! lol

The-Beach12 IMG_4924

Even though it all looked clean, the balls had the unavoidable smell of feet. But it was still worth the fun!